New York Times article about schizophrenia

A recent article about schizophrenia appeared in the New York Times online.

In my opinion, the author’s point of view is skewed against those who might be diagnosed with this illness.  I believe that society is as much to blame as the patient in some cases, and I consider it to be unfair and unreasonable to demonize the patient and to recommend such strict treatment measures.  I would support an approach that is more balanced and involves better and more humane treatment instead of institutionalization.

Ironically, it seems that the author might be the one who is somewhat paranoid about being harmed by so-called schizophrenic individuals.  I believe that there might be such a thing as too much emphasis on security, and I believe that this issue is especially relevant in today’s culture where there are so many security cameras and other forms of technology used for surveillance.  Life is becoming less fun for me as a result of this trend.

What happened to faith and to trust in one’s neighbors?  I wonder whether the cause is related to the economy and/or to a tension between demands for inclusivity and for maintenance of traditional values.  Personally, I am trying to find a comfortable zone in which to exist peacefully with people who have similar values as mine for the most part.  My current home of Cape Canaveral does not seem to be the correct place for me, so I intend to move back closer to where my parents live, near where I was raised.


P.S.  I would like to update the information posted above on December 26, 2012.  I have reconsidered the decision to move back to Missouri, and I am currently thinking that I will try to move to Jacksonville.  I have two degrees from institutions of higher learning in Florida, and I believe that the most natural course for me is to remain within Florida.  For various reasons, Jacksonville seems to me to be the most attractive location in Florida.  Eventually, I might try to move to a more northern location, but I need to regain some strength and attain a more normal life first.