A Dose of Reality is a peer-run, grassroots social media community in which people with mental illness, their friends, family and supporters can gather together to support each other, distribute and discuss mental health news, and change policy.

Often people suffering from mental illness face challenges in every day living not understood by the general public. Mental illness is not physical and people sometimes discount that which they cannot see. For this, and other reasons, forming a support system is vital. A Dose of Reality provides an opportunity to gain a community, especially for those who do not have a place to turn.

Coming to terms with mental illness is a process that develops over time and is comparable to learning to live again. Each of our individual stories is unique, but common elements of our struggles may help another member to learn to survive and thrive. A Dose of Reality has to do with understanding our opportunities and limitations in living with mental illness, and how to enjoy life again following a fall from grace. Through the process of growth and healing, one may even find a more rewarding existence, and see a world one never saw before.

A Dose of Reality is about you, your adventure, and how you see and understand the world. Our hope is that you gain from your experiences on here a strength to live a more fulfilling life and never give up hope. When you need the encouragement and strength, know that you are not alone, you have a place to turn.