Month: December 2012

PBS interview about involuntary treatment for mental illness

PBS published an interview about a law in the state of California that promotes involuntary treatment for mental illness. In this interview, a range of opinions are expressed, and I find it to be more palatable than the New York Times article that I read yesterday.  Even so, I would like to add some comments in […]

New York Times article about schizophrenia

A recent article about schizophrenia appeared in the New York Times online. In my opinion, the author’s point of view is skewed against those who might be diagnosed with this illness.  I believe that society is as much to blame as the patient in some cases, and I consider it to be unfair and […]

America’s Failing Mental Health System

Time has a good article on some of the problems with the mental health system in the United States.

Why Diagnosing Adam Lanza Is A Problem

Augie Pantellas, a sixth-grader from Broomall, Pa., got quiet when he heard that the man who killed 27 people in Connecticut on Friday may have had Asperger’s syndrome. Augie, too, has Asperger’s. His mother, Michelle, could tell he was contemplating the news, comparing himself with Adam Lanza. “I turned to him immediately and told him, […]

Petition to Increase Mental Heath Services

In light of the recent shooting, I have received many petitions to sign. I have always been an active citizen, and regularly sign petitions. However, the recent incident has generated many petitions I do not wish to sign, for various reasons. I just signed this petition, however, because I would sign it any day of […]