Month: March 2022

What Would the World Be Like if Neurodiverse People Ruled the World?

I have delt with schizophrenia and OCD for over a decade. In recent years, I have worked very hard to, well, conform. Granted, having episodes of psychosis and severe OCD episodes makes my life less happy. That’s why I work on it daily. However, I’m coming to the conclusion that no matter how hard I […]

High IQ? You May Be At Risk for Mental and Physical Illnesses.

A journal article in the journal Intelligence is interesting. The study looked at members of Mensa, the organization for people with a high IQ, and then examined how many people had different illnesses. Turns out, along with physical illnesses, like autoimmune disorders, people in Mensa were more likely to have a mental illness, as well. […]

Restoring Relationships After Psychosis

Today I spoke to a good friend about a problem we face as people with severe mental illness: Getting your life back after you recover. Specifically, we talked about how to restore friendships and relationships after a severe episode of psychosis. It’s not easy, but here’s what I said, in a nutshell: As hard as […]