Month: August 2013

Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder: Men and Women …

Original source:   Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder: Men and Women …

Team finds gene mutation that increases risk of schizophrenia, learning impairment

UCLA researchers help discover biological link between two brain disorders By Mark Wheeler August 05, 2013 A collaborative team of researchers including scientists from UCLA has uncovered evidence that a specific genetic alteration appears to contribute to disorders of brain development, including schizophrenia. They also found that schizophrenia shares a common biological pathway with Fragile […]

Amanda Bynes’ Doctors Tell Judge — She Is Being Treated For Schizophrenia

Amanda Bynes‘ doctors told a judge on Thursday afternoon that the troubled actress is being treated for schizophrenia, has been learned. During a hearing at the Ventura County, Calif., mental facility where the 27-year-old is being held on an extended involuntary psychiatric hold, her treating physicians indicated that they would have a formal diagnosis […]

Mandating Treatment for Mental Illness Could Save Money

A controversial new study suggests that requiring outpatient treatment for certain people with severe mental illness can result in substantial cost savings by cutting hospitalizations and increasing outpatient care. Researchers at Duke Medicine studied a program in New York called Assisted Outpatient Commitment, a new approach for people with serious mental illness. The issue has […]

Treating Mental Illness

There is a known way of saving patients from being a danger to themselves and others. By D. J. Jaffe Two new studies should lead to a radical change in how we treat some persons with serious mental illness. The first study, conducted in Australia, found that individuals with schizophrenia — even those who do […]