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How Memphis Changed the Way Police Deal With Mental Illness

PBS has a good segment about how Memphis changed the way it treats people with mental illness.

“Why Smarter People Are More Likely to Be Mentally Ill”

Interesting article at Medical Daily.

“People with Disabilities Deserve a Minimum Wage”

Due to law that was passed many years ago, people with disabilities can legally get paid a meager wage. Well below poverty. The Huffington Post has an article about how people with disabilities should get a minimum wage.

“Your Mental Health is More Important Than Your Grades”

I was in graduate school when I had my first psychotic break. School meant everything to me. I know the stress and anxiety that comes with school performance, too. Many students these days struggle with mental health issues, from stress and anxiety to schizophrenia. Hopefully, schools will learn to cope with these issues better than […]

9 TED Talks on Mental Illness

These are very useful and informative TED Talks on metal illness.