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A police chief faces his PTSD | NewsCut | Minnesota Public Radio …

I've written in this space before about the Facebook page of Kenyon police chief Lee Sjolander, whose writing reveals him as a philosopher, a healer, and counselor as well as being a cop.

Even for 'progressives', mental illness is a joke | NewsCut …

At last night's debate, Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders perfectly illustrated why efforts to improve the lives of people with mental illness run into so many roadblocks: It's still 'OK' to make fun of them.

Damning report released on Minnesota jail's mental health services

The Minnesota Legislative Auditor's office released a damning report Thursday on the state of mental health services within the county jail system.

How Minnesota is failing the disabled

The state is segregating thousands of disabled adults in isolating jobs and homes. Many feel trapped, unable to lead independent lives. Source: Part 1: How Minnesota is failing the disabled – StarTribune.com