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Mental illness is always a problem, so we will always need books …

The current prominence of mental illness on bookshelves is good for all of us – so it's important that reading about it is not a passing fad, writes Joanna Cannon.

five readers on being failed by mental health services – The Guardian

We asked for your experiences of mental health care in England. Overwhelmingly, you told us change is desperately needed.

Leaked report reveals scale of crisis in England's mental health …

A leaked report by a government taskforce has painted a devastating picture of England's mental health services, revealing that the number of people killing themselves is soaring, that three-quarters of those with psychiatric …

2015: when music destroyed mental health stigma … – The Guardian

Candid talk about psychological illness, from Brian Harvey's industry takedown to the Amy Winehouse documentary, dismantled stereotypes about depression in a year of refreshing openness.

High Fat Low Carb Diet Beneficial in Schizophrenia – EmaxHealth

Fat in the diet has been maligned for years, but new evidence shows that fat is actually beneficial for the brain and neurological function and may be useful in the treatment of psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia.